98 camaro v6 3.8 when low idol- oil pressure falls and check guages light comes

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when i start up my car the oil pressure is low so my check guages light comes on but when i start to drive the oil pressure goes up and stays up so the check guages light goes away but when i stop or come to a low crawl the oil pressure drops and light comes back!! i was woundering if it could be a oil pump and if this is a major problem that i should park it until i can have it looked at- i just bought the car and i did not realize any problem because as long as i am driving everything seems to be ok!! good oil pressure and no check guages light if any one can help me-it would be greatly apreciated thanks jayme campbell

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Your oil pressure guage could be defective or you idle speed is less than 700 rpm boost it to 850-900 rpm before you look at oil pump. Also take an oil pressure test before you condem the oil pump.
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have you checked your oil level? if it is low this problem will happen. also if your oil level is ok, then you could have a problem with the oil pump.
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