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I own a frigidaire refrigerator which is approx. 10 yrs. old. No problems with this fridge at all and runs great. A few weeks ago an awful odor was coming from the fridge and freezer. It smelled like rotten food so I cleaned the fridge and freezer out. I did find wayyyyyy in the back of my crisper drawer, an orange that was full of mold so I threw that away. I put in a new baking soda boxes, one in the freezer and one in the fridge. The smell had gone away. A few days later, the smell came right back. I discoverd that the baking soda boxes now had the awful stench. So I threw those away, cleaned the fridge out with vinger, water and soap. Replaced the baking soda boxes again and both the freezer and fridge STILL smell awful, as bad as they did in the very beginning. I have no idea what else do. Any suggestions from anyone? I checked my owner manuel, which wasn't a big help. I did pull my fridge out from the wall and check the "defrost water pan",thinking maybe that was the source of the smell. There is water in it, although there is no smell to it. In my manual though it doesn't say if water should be in it our not. I am out of ideas......PLEASE HELP!

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one of my guesses would be, maybe a mouse or some critter may have crawled up somewhere in the workings of the fridge and may have got caught and died there, there are an awefull lots of nooks and crannies that a small critter could have found a nice warm cozy place and possibly died there. chances are you probly can not see in every nook and cranny and see the varmit at all, if this is the case, i would guess that the smell will not be for ever as if it is a small critter that it will decompose and smell should go away relatively quick, as aposed to a larger say rabbit or something bigger that would take very long time to decompose, the small critter getting caught in a nook or cranny would probly be my bet on what the smell is, so try and look around in every place you can, and hopefully {if you can't find it} the smell should subside soon..

hope this gives an idea and helps a bit, good luck
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i cant understand why a smell from outside the fridge would be inside.and in both aint got a small leak or somthing has it.are you sure the smell is inside both compartments and not from outside.
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I have to agree on the mouse. If it got into the blower and died your talking bad news. Yes in time the smell will go away. But the problem is a dead critter can create a fly infestation or some other nastiness. Just to be safe I would see about taking a look. Also the defrost pan should be emptied and cleand from time to time.
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i think unplug it put outside and leave the doors open for a few days try the fresh air approach,hose the thing out and see what appens with the pong....
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Comment from Anonymous
Had the same thing with second hand fridge, rotting smell, cleaned everything, finally tracked smell to workings at back of fridge and it was the defrost pan, full of brown gunk. Cleaned that and no more smell.

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