why does my vectra smoke alot

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i have a vectra 1.9cdti it smokes alot when i start the car or drive it it also is taking alot of engine oil

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the clue is in the question..with a vectra they are known for inlet valve stem wear and this will cause blue smoke on startup and may get less or dissapear on warm up also,smoke gets worse on loading the engine,it isnt using water head gasket is ok.AM i right.
if you listen carefully to the engine you can hear if the com pression is down it will sound uneven in the exhaust note and it will not run smoothly on tickover.
i bet she is up on the miles as well as being used for short journeys in its past...
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What color is the smoke? White, light grey, or dark grey?
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To me, It sounds like it could be, that the "RINGS" are bad, allowing oil to leak and burn in and around the pistons, and thru the exhaust, or maybe the "valves" are getting worn, those would be what I would lean towards as to why you are "burning" and going thru "a lot of oil,.. Or it could be a "blown head gasket", {most of the time when a head gasket is blown you will have a "whitish/greyish frothy looking substance" on the inside of the radiator cap, or you smell radiator fluid in the exhaust fumes} {if no frothy goo on Radiator cap, and the "smoke" you see from exhaust, does not smell like radiator fluid, I doubt it is a blown head gasket!!
"Is the exhaust fumes white'ish or blue'ish"? and after it warms up does it go away?, or lighten up quite a bit? if so, I would tend to believe that it is a "worn" valve or valves or a ring or rings are worn", not saying this is "exactly" what the problem is, however, that would be the direction I would start in finding out,
to find out if the valves, or rings are bad, have a mechanic do a "compression test" on each and every cylinder, that will narrow it down, and the mechanic will know then exactly what the problem is...

Good Luck, And I hope This Helps !!!!!!!!!!!!
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does the engine smoke a lot more on the overrun ie when going down hill and slowing down using the engine,this indicates worn valve stems is there a pressur in the valve chamber lift oil filler and put hand over opening and feel for pressuremthis is another indicator of wear
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